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Turnaround times

Sampling: 7 to 15 days.

Production:  20 to 35 days for Offshore Express project

Delivery: Bulk orders by sea shipping (15-45 days). Offshore Express please Check here.

Rush order fee: we have developed a specific program called “Rush order” for urgent orders. Please contact us directly for more information.

Turnaround starts when the deposit of your order is paid for and we have all information required to complete your order (all artworks, all shipping info, completed and approved templates , …). Please keep in mind delivery times when planning your orders.

Non-standard and complex orders may increase turnaround times. You are encouraged to ask your sales rep about actual turnaround times.

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  • Order a hat from a previous production run
  • Receive pictures of your pre-production sample for free
  • Create and receive your own sample
  • Order a sample of the style you want from our shop
  • Place an order and receive pictures of your pre-production samples
  • Get your very own sample before you place an order
  •  Shipping costs (flat rates): $22 for France, $25 for EU and $45 for the rest of the world
  • We can also send you your pre-production sample, you only pay for shipping
  • Worldwide shipping costs (apply up to 4 samples/shipment): $55
  • Sample is not custom made to YOUR specifications
  • 100% custom made sample
  • 100% custom made sample

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Important: sample fee (excluding shipping costs) is refunded when ordering more than 288 pcs / style for each sample. For commercial samples pricing please contact us.

Additional information

Template completing fee: free when placing an order or $50 when ordered alone (refunded when placing an order).

Logo vectorizing Fee (if needed): free unless your artwork is complex.

Logo digitizing Fee: free.

Embroidery, custom inside taping, etc: no setup fees.

Woven label: $50 gets you 1000 pcs (MOQ); we can stock or send the leftovers.

Stamped, leather and PVC patches: if you order a sample only that features a stamped patch, we have to charge a one-time mold fee of $49.

Rush order fee: we offer the possibility to rush your order; the fee is based on your deadline as well as the nature of your order.